The Playground Series


The Playground Series

A series of pins inspired by Singapore’s old school mosaic playgrounds. These were made, following after our photography exhibition at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2011, titled “School of Hard Knocks”.

As kids from the 80’s, these playgrounds were dear to us, and it saddened us to see these very majestic playgrounds abandoned, and worse still, slowly being demolished. Over the years, we saw these empty abandoned playgrounds almost somewhat like public installation art pieces. With memories of its beautiful architecture glistening against the sunlight slowly fading, we knew we had to capture this part of memory before it disappears. And so, we’ve made them into wearable art, a piece where we can still place near our hearts. Call them badges of resilience too, if you may.

There are a total of 6 pins:
The Dragon, The Elephant, The Pelican, The Watermelon, The Dove & The Baby Dragon

dove mood LR dragon plate LR elephant mood LR pelican mood LR play-washi-2 play-washi-4 play-washi-5 play-washi-8
Playground Mini Magnet (comes in a set of 3)

LR_dragon-tote-1LR_dragon-tote-mood-1 LR_eleplant-tote-1
LR_eleplant-tote-mood-1 LR_pelican-tote-1 LR_pelican-tote-mood-1 LR_playground-tote-TAGjpg
Playground Tote bags (available in 3 different designs)

Featured playground pins, magnets & tote bags are also available at our online store.

On the 29th of June 2013, we had the chance to meet the mastermind and designer behind the iconic mosaic playgrounds – Mr Khor, for the second time. This time round we had more time to have deeper conversations with him, and that satisfied much our curiosities.

We’ve shared a bit more about our meet up with Mr Khor over at our blog, click here to view the post.

These are original architectural blueprints that Mr Khor showed us (dated 1984!). We also had Mr Khor sign on our pins as a momento, what an honour it was!
mrkhor1 mrkhor2
These photos above of Mr Khor and Stanley were shot with our film camera loaded with expired film. The colours to these photos almost seem like they have been dug out from our parent’s old photo albums, circa 1980’s, but these were taken in 2013 instead! They really take on those faded color tones, reminiscing of our childhood nostalgia ya?