Democratic Society : Aspects – the Making of Usuhari Glass

Aspects, the Making of Usuhari Glass

the little dröm store is thrilled to be invited as 1 of the contributing design team – to design 1/5 of the “Aspects, the Making of Usuhari Glass” series. Aspects is a collection of drinking glasses, handcrafted and delicately etched with an imprint of 5 designers’ take on different aspects of our society. One could drink from each glass as a functional object or look beyond to behold its value and its meaningful representation of our complex world.

Inspired by the series of the Singapore dollar notes, each themes reflecting the various aspects of our society.

The 5 themes given to the 5 design teams:
$2- Education (Lanzavecchia + Wai)
$5- Garden City (SUPERMAMA)
$10- Sports (Hjgher)
$50- Arts (Press Room)
$100- Youth (the little dröm store)
Here’s our contribution:
by stanley & antoinette (the little dröm store)

In the 1990s, the Singapore dream was elevated to the infamous 5 Cs. These 5Cs were pretty much about pursuing materialistic possessions/status such as: Cash, Credit Cards, Car, Condominium, and Country Club membership. But today’s youth find fulfillment in more than just the 5 Cs.

YOUTH is about having the courage to dream one’s big dreams, watering those dreams & seeing it grow. To take that first step of faith in fulfilling one’s dreams and not letting it stay dormant. Dreams are all about pursuing one’s passion, and not about running the rat race.

The act of adding water to the glass is parallel to the act of watering one’s dream seeds.

A play on the glass’s refraction – when water is being poured into the glass, the typographic raindrop element is being revealed & magnified when viewed from the other side of the glass. We feel this should be the depiction of today’s youth – to be adventurous and radical, to approach life from alternative angles.

(More photos will be updated soon!)

Big thanks to S U P E R M A M A for making this happen!