Strangely Singaporean & Proud Of It




We, Singaporeans probably have some of the strangest personalities on earth. And with that – we’ve designed and produced some merchandises to celebrate the quirks and the odds behind these classic characters. You might just identify yourself (or your friends) with one or two of these phrases showcased here.

Products showcased here are available at our physical store, or via our online store.

And in recent news: During July 2015, together with the SG50 Celebration fund – we celebrate Singapore’s big 50 by producing 3 short videos! We hope you enjoy this series of videos!

Strangely Singaporean Video (Part 1) Click here to view full screen.


Strangely Singaporean Video (Part 1) Click here to view full screen.


Strangely Singaporean Video (Part 3) Click here to view full screen.


01. Book – For Pre-order (Available 15 August 2015)
After months of writing, designing, editing, We’re so happy our new book is finally with the printers and will be ready soon! We will be celebrating Singapore’s Big 50 with this new book – The Strangely Singaporean book! 📒 Contains graphics & explanations for over 100 iconic Singaporean phrases like ‘Song Song Gao Jurong’, ‘MC King’ etc. It’s open for pre-orders now at $19.90 (usual $29.90). Offer ends 9th August 2015. Orders would only be mailed after 15th August. Click here to pre-order now!


02. Badges – Wear them with Pride! (Available in 24 different designs)
Creative Stylish Snooty Puzzled Oblivious Efficient Composed Clueless Bumpkin Angmoh
11. Hasty 12. champion 13. Curious 14. Grumpy 15. Precise
17-Swee 18-Cheem 19-Bo-Zeng-Hu
22-Chin-Cai-2 21-Bao-Sua-Bao-Hai-3 23-Siao-Ting-Tong-3 24-Buay-Tahan-2
01. For the Creative Singaporean 
– (Pattern Zway Kway Badminton)
02. For the Stylish Singaporean 
– (Stylo Milo)
03. For the Bumpkin Singaporean 
– (Sua Ku)
04. For the Oblivious Singaporean 
– (Bak Jiu Tak Stamp)
05. For the Ang Moh Singaporean 
– (Jiak Gan Tang)
06. For the Puzzled Singaporean 
– (Orh… Orh Hanzi)
07. For the Composed Singaporean 
– (Steady Pom Pipi)
08. For the Snooty Singaporean 
– (Yaya Papaya)
09. For the Efficient Singaporean 
– (Chop Chop Curry Pok)
10. For the Clueless Singaporean 
– (Blur Like Sotong)
11. For the Hasty Singaporean – (Kan Cheong Spider)
12. For the Champion Singaporean – (Kiasu)
13. For the Curious Singaporean – (Kaypoh)
14. For the Grumpy Singaporean – (Bin Chow Chow)
15. For the Precise Singaporean – (Zhun Zhun Guni Hoon)
16. For the Prosperous Singaporean – (Huat Ah)
17. For the Superb Singaporean – (Swee)
18. For the Profound Singaporean – (Cheem)
19. For the Rebel Singaporean – (Bo Zeng Hu)
20. For the Naggy Singaporean – (Loli Loh Soh)
21. For the Competent Singaporean – (Bao Sua Bao Hai)
22. For the Easy-going Singaporean – (Chin Cai)
23. For the Wacky Singaporean – (Siao Ting Tong)
24. For the Unbearable Singaporean – (Buay Tahan)

03. Melamine Plates
huat mood 1 LR pattern mood 2 LR
jiak gantang mood LR power LR steady LR stylo milo mood LR tam jiak mood 3 LR

04. Pencils
SS-pencil-set-A SS-pencil-set-B

05. Postcards – Or use them as flashcards to teach the younger generation these lingoes!LR-SS-Box-CoverLR-SS-Box-Back LR-SS-Box-overall LR-SS-Postcard-kiasu LR-SS-Postcards-2LR-SS-Postcard-steady LR-SS-Postcards