dromxsgiffCelebrating the icons & quirks of Singapore through local films.

The Little Dröm Store x Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) celebrates quirky Singaporean traits as inspired by four local films. These phrases and icons are deeply entrenched in Singaporean culture and lay a backdrop for the stories that have become endearing to us.

Watching local films helped us to understand ourselves as Singaporeans better, we learn more about our lives here in Singapore. From putting a spotlight on little details from our everyday life, to broadening perspectives on social issues.

The series of brooches are designed, to pay homage to these films and the impact that it has created, both locally & internationally.

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Royston Tan – 881 (2007)
“Huat Ah”, means to be prosperous. Singaporean folks have always desired more luck and favor with spiritual beings, to be showered upon with blessings of prosperity. A celebration of our somewhat excessive superstitions behaviors.


CheeK – Chicken Rice War (2000)
We all know, Singaporeans are foodies at heart, with this passion and love for food – Singapore prides itself for having a culture of good authentic homegrown hawker delicacies (thus the icon of a Chicken rice). This phrase “Die die must try” is a common phrase used when highly recommending a dish to someone. It means that that dish is worth your life, to try it against all odds. The same way how star crossed lovers Audrey and Fenson fought for their love between one another despite the family rivalry. A celebration of the adventurous & courageous spirit we have.


Eric Khoo – 12 Storeys (1997)
HDB is an iconic architecture found in Singapore. From the distinctive visual structure of our HDB, to the behavior patterns of a HDB dweller like hanging of our wet laundry from our windows. A celebration of how relationships & habits are fostered within a HDB, that are unique to us, Singaporeans.

Ong Keng Sen – Army Daze (1996)

“Siao On” is a popular phrase used to describe someone who is overtly enthusiastic, especially in the context of army boys when serving their National Service. A celebration of our overtly enthusiasm of our love for our country.

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