Session 17: Audrey Jeanne


Hello there Audrey! Firstly, We’d like to know how did art/illustration became a part of who you are, what started your passion?
I don’t really know. I have the impression that art is a part of me as long as I can remember. So I don’t have a precise explanation about that.100 Writing and Crafting Papers from Paris
A book by Audrey – 100 Writing and Crafting Papers from Paris.
5_textile16 5_textile17

What is your favorite part in being an illustrator/designer?
My favorite part is the creative part. The excitement of starting a new project and the satisfaction of see it realized.


Where do you go or what do you do when you need inspiration?
I go on Pinterest ! Not only when I need inspiration, it’s an addictive thing 😉home is where the cat

You seem to be an avid cat lover, and even have a cat name Mikado! Please tell us more about Mikado and your love for cats and how they have become part of your works.
I grew up with a cat that I used as a model for my drawings when I was child. As an adult, I adopted a Siamese cat – named Mikado as you said – which in turn became my model.
Mikado and photos

Your body of works are very neutral, pastels, minimalist – is your home/studio like that as well? 
Which is your favorite part to your home or studio/workspace, and why?
Absolutely ! My home and my studio are mainly white with pastel and light wood touches.
My favorite part is my plant shelf in the living room. I think that plants are soothing.

Your style is quite distinctive – How did you discover your own individual style?
I do not know if I have found my individual style because I feel that it’s changing all the time, even if these changes are subtle. Of course, there are constants that often return in my work. Drawing over the years helped me to find what suits me the most.
A t-shirt designed by Audrey.

Please share with us an all time favorite Audrey Jeanne project/creation, and tell us what makes it your favorite?
I have a special attachment to my collaboration with LeSportSac because it was my first major collaboration. I was very proud that a big American brand trusted in me. We traded for months to get a successful bag line. It was a rewarding experience with very professional and nice people.lesportsacfall2013
10_lesportsac2 10_lesportsac3 10_lesportsac4
Audrey’s collaboration with LeSportsac / Artist in Residence collection.

Apart from illustrating/designing, what are some of your other favourite things to do?

I like to take pictures, go to the botanical garden, make changes in the decoration of my house, watch documentaries, spend holidays in Barcelona…happy 2015 cookie
IMG129 IMG130
Above 3 images: photos of Audrey’s father’s greenhouse!

To some our readers who are considering France for a holiday – What are some of your favorite shops in France that you would recommend as ‘Must Go’?

Merci Boulevard Beaumarchais, Muji Forum des Halles, The Broken Arm 12 rue Perrée, Le Bon Marché 24 rue de Sèvres. They are all in Paris.

Lastly, is there anything that you can say to advise or encourage all new/aspiring illustrators/designers out there, to those who might’ve perhaps been discouraged & held back by fear to pursue this full time?
You must believe in yourself and if that’s what you really want to do, at least try. If you are really made for this job then you should be fine. If it is the opposite, you will find something else to do but you won’t have regrets.insta1517
Lastly, here’s a photo of Audrey herself with her cat, Mikado!



Here’s a series of 5 brooches that Audrey designed, exclusively for the little dröm store!
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shop-now-buttonpink-and-grey-cat-LRGrey-Cat-SQ mr-and-mrs-cat-LRPink-Cat-SQ-LR stretching-cat-LR