Session 8: Lili Scratchy

Hello there Lili Scratchy! We’d like to know how did art/creativity became a part of who you are, what started your passion? Also we’re curious so may we ask, why the name Lili Scratchy?

I think that I always have been very curious and attracted irresistibly by pencils, markers, and paints (or paintings). 
My head thinks in lively colors, and my mood is very often “optimistic”.
 The name Lili Scratchy came from my first book “Lulu Magazine” in 1995 after watching “The Simpsons”!

We really adore your ceramic works, they’re all so amazingly quirky & kooky! We love how you would mix unexpected elements into everyday dinnerware, we love your sculpture that also works as a vase, and your spoons!! Where/how do you get your inspirations for all your ceramic creations?

I just re-transcribe what I have in my head in 3D. As I am not a professional ceramic artist, everything that I do is a little twisted and that gives a funny style to my creations!
Lili Scratchy’s series of vases
A flexible vase or a sculpture
Lili Scratchy’s flexible vase

You express yourself through various mediums (seeing that you draw, paint and even worked with ceramics), is there any all time favorite medium to use and why?

What I like it is to change techniques. All the time, I want to try new mediums or material. But I have no preferences it is my side “chameleon”.

How adorable are her creatures!!
Lili’s creation on paper and in ceramic form, we love how her creativity is not bound by any medium.
sexy egg
sexy egg2
Even mediums such as vintage photographs are not spared! This is another of Lili’s quirky character – the sexy egg, how cute is she!

What are some of your favorite tools/objects from your studio, things that you absolutely cannot live without?

The small red flamenco shoes with white polka-dot of my daughters and my first ceramic my “Happy tea pot”.

One of Lili’s favourite objects – the small red flamenco shoes with white polka-dot
Another of Lili’s favourite objects – the Happy Teapot

Which is your favorite Lili Scratchy project/creation?

The ceramic piece which I am most proud is a big vase parrot that I had made for a show in Nantes 2 years ago. 
For the books, my favourite is “The crazy coloriage” edited by Thierry Magnier editions but which is unfortunately sold out. 

One of Lili’s favourite creation – the big vase parrot
Another of Lili’s favourite creation – The crazy coloriage

You are currently residing in France, can you describe your studio/house where you live? Does it inspire you in anyway? Can we have a look at your favorite places/spots in your house?

My house looks like the inside of my head – “deranged and colored”! It is not necessarily the decorations that inspire me, but my house is my den and I have my habits in there.

scratchy wall
A snippet of Lili’s wall

Many artists seem to have compromised on their art dreams and loose their passion once they become parents. How do you maintain a balance between your time spent on making your own creations and spending time with your kids.

For me it is the opposite. 
My children are a permanent source of inspiration! I even steal ideas from them sometimes. 
They are used to see me tinkering and drawing all the time. I do not separate them, everything is mixed. 
They are doing their homework next to me as I’m answering your questions.

atelier - afficheballon2
atelier - afficheballon

Your 3 kids seem to be loving arts as much as you do, they get so creative even with ordinary/daily objects. What do you do to encourage/inspire your kids to be in touch with their creativity?

They grew in this colored and playful universe, I think that for them it is natural.
atelier - affiche
atelier - titre
atelier – P1150004
Scratchy Atelier is where Lili and her kids have sessions of creation and imagination together, we would love to be her kids for a day, seems like loads of crazy fun! Check out Scratchy Ateliers –

Your sketchbooks are like little peeks into a Lili Scratchy wonderland, if we can take a trip to enter & explore Lili Scratchy’s mind/brain, what do you think we could see in there?

I think that you would be surprised it is more twisted, complicated and black that in my sketchbooks.
scratchy scketchbook & ceramics

Lastly, is there anything that you can say to advise or encourage all new/aspiring artists out there?

I would tell them that having the sensibility is more important than the technique.
 To feed your spirit, with readings, exhibitions, movies and music.
 Keeping your eyes & ears open very big!!!
Frédérique Bellier, better known as Lili Scratchy!

garden planters


Lili Scratchy’s badges are available at the little dröm store, comes in a pair with a postcard!