Session 14: Not Tuesday


Hello there Rachel! We’d like to know how did “Not Tuesday” became a part of who you are, what started this passion? We understand that you are a stylist but could you share with us a little about your past background before “Not Tuesday”?
Well hello! Yes, before “Not Tuesday” I spent about 10 years styling photo shoots for interiors magazines. I shopped for nice things, fluffed pillows, moved furniture, unpacked and packed boxes, wrote captions, chased couriers, and spent many days in a studio, making things look pretty for pictures. I probably styled about a million shots during that time. I was exhausted. These days, styling is limited to my own work. It was while working in magazines, that I would often have trouble sourcing certain products (tea towels and doormats were super daggy back then). This was the instigator to design/make my own stuff. It wasn’t until after I had baby a few years later though, that the time seemed right to give the making thing a go. Having a homewares background, I’m still surprised I have ended up making jewellery – I was sure I’d be printing my designs on tea towels – and I still plan to!

IMG_0668 IMG_0512 IMG_0674

We love your sensibility towards colours/textures & shapes/patterns, do you often dream of colours and shapes in .your head? 🙂 Were you a very tactile and colourful person from young?
Yes I do and yes I was! Sounds silly, but I really love a simple circle or square. Add some crazy colour combinations and I’m mesmerised! I like my colours a little bit “dirty” – even the bright ones. I actually took a break from colour in my twenties, when I went very beige. I was beige obsessed, with a bit of black and white thrown in to mix it up. My apartment had a cream sofa, pale wood coffee table, and bare walls. Admittedly, the minimalism was partly due to lack of funds. While I still appreciate the neutrals, I now love the life a little punch of colour can bring.


Do you have a favorite part in the process of making a Not Tuesday neck piece? If yes, could you share a little more with us please?
The playing! When I have a whole lot of beads and shapes made up, then I can put everything on the floor and mix it all up. That way I see colours and shapes together that I wouldn’t necessarily have envisaged. I tend to concentrate on a single colour or shape when I’m making, so this is the fun part – putting together the combinations.



Why did you decide to use polymer clay for most of your necklaces?
My use of polymer clay was a happy accident. I initially began experimenting with resin. It wasn’t going well and when I was in the art shop looking for a material to make a cast from, I saw fimo in the clay section. Remembering my childhood creations, I bought a packet to try out cast making. I remember taking a few of those early pieces out of the oven and realising how tactile the finished pieces were. Colourwise, I love the depth and vibrancy that can be created.


What is your favorite part of being an creator.
Being my own boss. At the end of the day, I pretty much get to create what I want and work when I want. I am a night owl so working from a table in the living room actually suits me. I’m there for the chattering with my daughter and partner while I work, and when they go to bed, I’ve got music to keep me going, and then bed is just up the stairs.


May we also have some sneaky peaks of your own studio/home? What are some of your favourite spots within your studio/home?
You may! I love where I live. It’s very small, but cleverly designed to maximise every inch of space. There are floor to ceiling glass doors on each level, which makes it so light and airy. I work and create from the living area where we also eat, play, and everything else. We have an old school art cupboard where we chuck all my daughters toys and games, in an attempt to hide some mess. It’s the best and most useful thing we’ve bought for the house. The only downside is that as renters, we can’t hammer anything in to the wall, so those 3M removable hooks have become indispensible!
Colourful and bright are Rachel’s work space + home as well!

Please share with us an all time favorite Not Tuesday creation, and tell us what makes it your favorite?
Hard question! I can narrow it down to the 2 I wear the most. Firstly, the “not quite a semi circle” in cream with orange cord. This goes with everything and I love the simplicity. The second is one from my Shapes range – I love the geometric pieces falling together in a jumbled heap!

1 of Rachel’s favourite creation – “not quite a semi circle” in cream and orange cord.
And this is her other favourite creation from her “Shapes” collection.

Apart from making all these awesome necklaces, what are some of your other favourite things to do?
Sleeping during the day – it feels so luxurious.! After the school drop off in the morning, I will go straight back to bed if I can get away with it. I’m quite nerdy – I love playing scrabble, and doing number puzzles like kenken and sudoku. I’m pretty good at them, if I may say so myself. I also like a beer or three.

And here she is! The creator behind these awesome neckpieces – Rachel Wightman, better known as “Not Tuesday”.

Lastly, is there anything that you can say to encourage all new/aspiring creators/designers out there?
Stay true to your own style, and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries.

Not Tuesday’s neck pieces are now available at the little dröm store as well.

But we must say, it’ll be a wee bit hard to make a final selection because every piece is that wonderful, and from all the shapes and colours to choose from – it’s best that you pop by and have a look at her gorgeous collection in person and take your time to decide.

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