Session 1: Yamaguchi Yohei

“dröm sessions” is something that we recently decided to introduce to our blog. We hope to seek out and feature some of our personal favorite artists/designers/crafters/creators, to share a little insight of what they do and also what goes behind their work(s).

To start with, we’d like to feature Yamaguchi Yohei, a Japanese artist currently residing in Singapore. At first, we were thinking if we should edit his answers, but we thought to ourselves: “You know what? Let’s leave them unedited, his replies are endearing and adorable as is!”

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Yamaguchi Yohei.
I am a native Japanese guy from Hokkaido in Japan. I am a certified language teacher, teaching Japanese to people here. At the same time, I am also doing some freelance illustrations for clients in Japan. My favorite food in Singapore are Economic rice and dessert, Chendol. My hobby is traveling around Asia countries.

Why do you love what you do?

I think drawing is a good communication tool for building good human relationship. Sports and music are as well. Using my drawings, I can communicate and connect with many people around the world. I always think my drawing is like my business card or identity card. For example, when someone ask me “who are you?” I can say “I’m an artist”. They see my drawings, they see me.

Yamaguchi Yohei’s exhibition held at the little dröm store. Click here to view more here.

What started your passion in illustrating? What is the driving force behind your drawing passion?

I couldn’t remember exactly. I started having this great passion in drawing at a later age, compared to many people who might have started at a young age. I think probably anger, misery, some desire or when I feeling very negative about my life that make me draw. I would not draw if I’m completely happy and satisfy with my life. I just want to draw for people who wants to see my drawing. Guess drawing is my identity. I want to know people, so I use my drawing to make friends and connect to the world.

How long have you been living in Singapore?

I have been living here since Feb 2010.

Has living in Singapore changed you in anyway as an artist?

Singapore changed me a lot. I feel more relax here compare to the always fast paced Tokyo, and I can draw very freely now. Because no one and nothing here gives me stress.

How does is feel to as a Japanese illustrator/artist living in Singapore. Is these a huge cultural difference?

Living here, drawing here is great. Singapore is a stress free country compare to Tokyo. Culture differences? Yes of course I experience that all the time. But it does not hinder or affect the way I draw or how I draw.

We understand that your wife is a Singaporean, has she influenced or inspired you and your art in any way?

She is my number one fan! I always draw for her. I might not draw anymore if she says she does not want to see my drawing one day.

What do you hope to say or share with the public with your illustrations. Is there a message behind your illustrations?

I hope many people can see my drawings. Actually I always enjoy looking at peoples’ reactions when they look at my drawings for the first time. I don’t think too much when I started drawing, inspiration and feeling just come out naturally. I don’t have any special message for the public. I just hope everyone will love my drawings. That’s all.


Selected artworks, collectively titled “It’s not dinner” wwere being exhibited at the little dröm store, from 14 May to 31 May 2012. Click here to view more.