Moomin for Tove 100 Anniversary

This year, 2014 – the little dröm store collaborated with Moomin, in celebration of Toveʼs Janssonʼs 100th year anniversary. Weʼre super stoked that weʼre the first ever independent store that has collaborated with Moomin in Singapore.

Our celebration for Tove Jansson’s 100th year anniversary
tove 100
Toveʼs 100 is a big deal to us! And in light of this jubilee year, weʼve collaborated with Moomin to design and produce this series of special edition products.

Nesting Dolls (snufkin) LRLR_moomin-doll-open LR_nesting-box-tove LR_nesting-box LR_pin-pancake-far LR-postcard-detail-bottom LR-postcard-detail-top LR-pin-sitting-close Moomin pin (pancakes) LR Moomin pin (stick) 2 LR Moomin pin (stick) LRMoomin Postcard

Products available under this series include:
• Nesting Dolls
(A set of 5 that includes Moominpapa, Moominmama, Moomin, Snorkmaiden & Little My)
• Moomin with Pancakes Brooch
• Moomin with Pogle Stick
• Moomin Pondering

Each brooch comes with a Moomin postcard.

These products are available at our physical store, as well as our online store.