M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2011



The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2011: Art & Education

This is a huge milestone for us when we were invited by The Necessary Stage to have our artworks featured alongside with other talented artists (both local and global) in this yearly art festival. We were made one of the festival’s highlights with our photographic series of old school mosaic playgrounds, titled “School of Hard Knocks”.

Over a span of 6 years since 2005, we’ve always loved revisiting old neighborhoods to soak up its charm through taking strolls with our film cameras. In doing so we’ve stumbled upon all these mosaic playgrounds, photographs of these were accumulated subconsciously.

These very playgrounds are being demolished one by one as we speak, some of which already were. Thus this series of photos were compiled together to document and also to commemorate the creativity and resilient spirit of childhood playtime back in the 70s/80s.

“School of Hard Knocks” were showcased at The Esplanade Tunnel, and also at island-wide JC Decaux bus stop shelters.

Some of our artworks displayed island-wide at JC Decaux bus stop shelters. A total of 10 different artworks were displayed from our ‘School of Hard Knocks’ series.

Artworks displayed at The Esplanade Tunnel

Our photograph used as the Festival’s main banner image, located at Bras Basah – Singapore’s arts and heritage district.