Ice Cream Uncle Is Here!


Ice Cream Uncle Is Here!

The wafer ice cream is an iconic and well-loved Singaporean childhood treats.
Back in the 80’s, kids would get all excited by the sound of a ringing bell.
That would mean that just around the corner are these mobile ice cream vendors (also lovingly named “ice cream uncles” by Singaporeans). This notebook is designed and made to reminisce the good old days of eating these very wafer ice creams.

Each notepad is about 270pages. Comes in a handy size of 60mm in height (h) and 100mm (w). It’s cover is made using a thick card stock with emboss of the wafer grid pattern on it for texture. Packaged with a japanese rice paper bellyband, and a gold foil sticker as a seal over it.

Available in 3 flavors: (green for peppermint, yellow for sweet corn & purple for yam)


LR_wafer open up

close up