Home & Decor : Kopitiam cup


Home & Decor: Kopitiam Cup

25 artists and designers were invited by Home & Decor to give the iconic kopitiam cup a new look. All 25 pieces will eventually be at Home & Decor Fair 2012 from 5th to 7th October 2012 at Marina Square for bidding. All proceeds will benefit The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

Here is our humble piece, titled, 钓鱼 (diào yú). A simple & minimalist piece inspired by the local kopitiam lingo “钓鱼” (parallel to the action of one dipping a Chinese teabag into a cup). Cups like these particularly reminds us of our own fathers and uncles shouting across coffee shops to have their drink orders taken, when meeting up to indulge in their daily “teh-o” affair. The simplicity of our design lends a subtle emphasis of when life was simple back then, no frills.

Other contributors include SUPERMAMA, Casey Chen and 小时候.