dröm class 1: The Cheese Ark

Class No. 1: Cheese tasting class with The Cheese Ark (10 October 2014, Friday)

cheese-ark-tote prep-before-cheese set-up-of-12-cheeses
One of the rare treats we had were the Truffle Cheese! We were very lucky as these truffle cheese were in season!
• Get to taste 12 different kinds of cheese (2 types of truffle cheese included!).
• Learn about the different styles of cheese and milk.
• Know the basics of cheesemaking.
• Understand difference between authentic and commercial cheese.
• Be exposed to a wide range of flavor and texture profiles.
• Appreciate raw milk and pastuerised milk cheese.
• Taste summer and winter cheese and eat lots and lots of rare cheeses!

The evening was conducted by founder and cheesemonger Ai Ming Syu. Her journey incheese started many years ago in the cheese farms in Italy – taking the animals out to graze, milking them, cleaning the stables, making and ageing cheese. Working with the few remaining traditional cheesemakers made her understand what exactly it takes to make real cheese.